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Unhealthy Argument Destroys Relationship

Research shows that when a couple splits up the emotions most commonly experienced include confusion, shock, guilt, frustration, grief, loss, resentment, anger, rejection, shame and relief. The circumstances of the break up – who decides it’s over, whether there was infidelity, who leaves, who initiates the divorce or civil partnership dissolution – inevitably affects these feelings and how each individual behaves and reacts. In trying to manage these emotions and navigate the choppy waters of a separation, a soon to be ex-spouse or partner may become unpredictable and unreliable in the other’s eyes. Feelings of rejection and bitterness can induce a desire to ‘hurt back’, escalating anger and conflict, and making it impossible to reach decisions.

Even when both parties agree that their marriage is over, feelings of frustration and grief, as well as shame., often rise, all of which affect an individual’s capacity to absorb information, make decisions, and access support at the time when they most need to do so.

After a separation, each person is likely to have a unique and private narrative as to the reason why the relationship broke down. Very rarely will those two narratives be the same. But, and it is a positive ‘but’, disagreements are a normal part and parcel of family life. They are important and the key is knowing how to disagree in a way that is constructive, rather than destructive: in other words the key is learning how to argue better.

Knowing how to argue better can help parents manage their conflict and avoid getting stuck in a vicious argumentative cycle. That improves the chances of co-operation and discovering ways to get along better.

Good Communication is the key to Good Relationship


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