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Best Criminal Lawyers in Delhi

When it comes to such casess related to Criminal laws, always rely on the most experienced lawyers with good experience in practicing criminal law.

Best Criminal Lawyers in Delhi NCR

KTS Tulsi - top criminal lawyer in india
KTS Tulsi

With special interest towards criminal law, KTS Tusli started practicing law in year 1980. He is one of the most respected and well-known personality when it comes to criminal laws in India.


– Appointed as the Additional Solicitor General of India in the year 1990
– Elected as the president of Criminal Justice Society of India
– Nominated as a member of Rajya Sabha


kapil Sibal - top cirminal lawyer
kapil Sibal

Mr Kapil Sibal started as a lawyer in the 1970. A while later, he went to Harvard Law School for further legal education. When it comes to best criminal lawyers in Delhi NCR, Mr Kapil Sibal is a name that always comes up. Mr Kapil Sibal is also well known for doing pro-bono cases.


– Honored with Padma Bhushan
– Appointed as the Additional Solicitor General of India in 1989
– Author of many books


Ram Jethmalani - top criminal lawyer in india
Ram Jethmalani

By contributing for more than 7 decades to our legal system in India, Mr Ram Jethmalani is considered as a Icon and Inspiration to our youth. With complete confidence we can proudly say that Mr Ram Jethmalani is one of the best Criminal Lawyer in Delhi NCR. He is also the highest paid lawyer in India.
With strong belief in giving something to the society, Mr Ram Jethmalani most of the offer his legal assistance for free.

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